Informations in English about the Center for Encounter and active Non-violence


Begegnungszentrum für aktive Gewaltlosigkeit


Center for Encounter and active Non-violence


Centre de rencontre pour une non-violence active


c/o Matthias and Maria Reichl

Wolfgangerstr. 26

A-4820 Bad Ischl

E-mail: info @

Telefon Nr.: +43-6132-24590

Österreich - Austria - Autriche


The aim of our association is to encourage developing a more sustainable and non-violent way of life.


Based on the change of the individual as well as community oriented lifestyle, it is intended - in solidarity with others - that their change do influence all parts of the society.


These alternatives shall simultanously become experiments, concretized in real concepts, projects, grassroots initiatives and movements (f. e.: for education, trainings, social life, work, but also in the areas of the economic system, technical science, environment, peace, religious and humanistic belief and other relevant social and political areas)


Another scope is the defense and development of human, social and environmental rights and other related laws. Individuals, groups and their environment which are affected by the violation of their rights, should get support in their struggle for justice.


Our main topics for activities


*Conscientization and pedagogy to promote peace


*Non-violent conflict-solving-practize in families, groups, school, work and society


*Alternatives to the militarization of society (against military service, paramilitary structures, arms race and -trade...) international peace-initiatives and -encounters


*Human, ecological and social rights


*Social justice, right for work and basic income


*Foreigners (refugees, migrants...), minorities and other marginalized groups


*Cooperation and basic (development) policy between West and East, North and South


*Campaigns against neoliberal globalisation (transnational corporations and their lobbies, WTO...) and other dangerous economic structures


*Citizens initiatives and civil society-movements


*Environment - i.e. energy, anti-nuclear-initiatives, traffic, agriculture, food (against GMOs), nature conservation, ecological systems...


*Future related projects and research


We offer


* possibilities for worldwide contacts with more than 6000 addresses for networking


* our magazin “Rundbrief” (newsletter) in German with:


+ Informations about our work and about seminars, workshops, discussions...


+ facts about similar initiatives and organisations


+ international calendar of conferences, meetings, non-violent actions


+ List of new books in our library


..+ Texts on actual and classical themes


* The PDF-editions of the printed magazins since 2009 you find also in our homepage


*and the enlarged version e-“Rundbrief” (including texts in English), also documented in our homepage You can subscribe the e-rundbrief online at


* additional e-mailings about actual news and activities (also in English), participation in many related networks you can subcripe with email to Matthias Reichl info @


* Texts and letters-to-editor in various newspapers


* Radio-news-feature "Begegnungswege" in the regional free radio "Freies Radio Salzkammergut" (3rd Thursday every month from 19:00 to 20:00 and repeated on the following Friday from 10:00 to 11:00). They are saved in the cultural broadcasting archiv see:


Austrian „Jounalism-Award from below 2010“ for Matthias and Maria Reichl for the radio-reports „Begegnungswege“


* 3 rooms as office and library (with about 18.000 books, many magazins, tapes, videos and other materials)


* a kitchen for meetings


* sometimes our living-room and the garden for seminars, feasts and other gatherings


If you are interested in our activities, we can send you our German or English leaflet and some free copies of our newsletter. Donations are welcome! We finance our work - from the begin in 1976 (association since 1980) - mainly by subcriptions to our newsletter, membership-fees, contributions to seminars and speeches, donations...


We thank you for your cooperation and support for our work.


Maria and Matthias Reichl

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Inhaber, Herausgeber und Redaktion:

Matthias Reichl, Pressesprecher/ press speaker,

Begegnungszentrum für aktive Gewaltlosigkeit

Center for Encounter and active Non-Violence

Wolfgangerstr. 26, A-4820 Bad Ischl, Austria,

fon: +43 6132 24590, Informationen/ informations,

Impressum in:

Spenden-Konto Nr. 0600-970305 (Blz. 20314)

Sparkasse Bad Ischl, Geschäftsstelle Pfandl

IBAN: AT922031400600970305 BIC: SKBIAT21XXX