Gefahren durch "abgereichertes" Uran (DU)

Prof. George Vithoulkas

Dear Friend,

Finally the Greek mass media has waken up to the problem of DU but I am afraid that the "controlling forces" will shut it down quite soon. I see an urgent need for coordination of the actions of the different forums in Europe that are concerned with the DU problem and the pollution because of the bombs in Kossovo and Serbia . Otherwise I am afraid that the serious actions against such crimes that should be taken immediately will be postponed and finally lost in a vast informational noise that can cause confusion and final paralysis.

I would like to suggest some of the main or guiding lines :

1. The American military machine have caused a genocide that is going to affect for generations the health of the people living in Kossovo and Serbia.

2.These actions were taken without the consent of the United Nations or even the consent of the European countries that were drugged to this war without information, without knowing what was prepared on these levels by the American military machine.The European Governments is obvious that were taken by surprise.

3.The American military machine undertook the initiative to pollute the area, but their political counterpart left over the governments of Europe to clear up the mess and to shoulder the consequences. The mess was created not only by the DU but also by the poisonous gasses released by the bombing of chemical factories.

Therefore decisions for action should be taken

1. To bring the heads of the military of USA as well as the state department people with first and foremost Mrs. Magdalene Albright before a tribunal for war criminals for causing one of the biggest war crimes in the history of humanity.

2. The European Governments should allow (and not try to cover up) the independent scientists who are investigating this matter , to bring out all the facts concerning the effects of this war on the health of the people who are going to live in these areas.

3. European Governments should make clear to everybody (by allowing the press to do its job) that the humanistic reasons Magdalene Albright and her associates were professing in order to start this war, were totally hypocritical . The fact of the matter was that they turned to a death place the area that they were supposed to protect for the return of the refuges .

4. This tragedy will be a good excuse for the European Governments to act hard against the protectionism of USA. If they loose this chance in vindicating the real culprit then the next move of the USA foreign policy will be not only to divide Europe but also encourage them to go against each other in a new and even more deadly war.

Regards, Prof. George Vithoulkas 10.01.2001

(Published on the internet by Matthias Reichl 29.01.2002)

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