Interview for the German news-paper "Aachener Nachrichten"

(20.1.2001) with George Vithoulkas

by Peter Clotten

George Vithoulkas is today considerate the leading homeopath of the world.

In 1996 he was awarded in the Swedish parliament with the prestigious Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award) for Health.

He is the Dean of the famous International Academy of Classical Homeopathy teaching to hundreds of medical doctors from all over the world , the works of the genious German physician Christian S. Hahnemann.

He has been nominated as professor in the Kiev Medical Academy and also a collaborating professor in the Medical Faculty at the Basque University in Spain.

In the year 2000 he was awarded with the Gold Medal of the Hungarian Democracy by the President of the Country.

He has the Title of Professor Honoris Causa from the Kiev Medical Academy


Mr. Vithoulkas , all over Europe the Governments seem to be surprised about the Danger of Depleted Uranium weapons. Do you think it is possible that the people in charge did not know about it before they decided to use such weapons?

I think that they knew something about it but not the real danger. It is obvious, from information that is coming out every day, that they were misled by the head of the state department Madelene Albright, who was claiming that there was no danger and who was the main person in pushing these type of weapons.

Recognised scientists claim now that depleted uranium is not dangerous for human beings, and that it cannot cause leucemias and cancer as it is the case with the already dead and sick soldiers.

There are equally recognised and even more in number scientists who claim the opposite. It depends on what type of testing device you are using and also whether we have yet sensitive enough device for measuring accurately the Alpha radiation.

The fact remains that the soldiers who came in contact with it in the Gulf War got severely sick. Until 1998 the number of victims in USA veterans was 110.000. These soldiers were tested before and found very healthy in order to be sent to the war. Out of the 700.000 of the healthy young men that went to the Gulf almost 20% percent are today severely and chronically ill, apart from thousands of deaths that took place already.

Nobody denies these facts.

It is interesting to see that the number of the victims increased year by year.

The sick and dead people after the Kosovo war even after a very short time shows that the victims will be multiplied fast year after year.

We must say here that the whole issue is confused by several factors.

1. The soldiers in the Gulf war were vaccinated against poisonous gases and anthrax. This vaccination severely depleted their immune system. Then it came the exposure to the radiation from depleted uranium that completed the work and left so many people dead and invalid.

2. Another reason for confusion is that radiation does not cause only leucemia and not immediately. It affects the whole organism, the nervous system, central and periferal, the lymphatic, the vasculat, the kidneys, and in general has a global negative effect upon the whole organism.

It has a delayed action unless the particles are ingested in great numbers in which case we have a poisonous effect which is dramatic and immediate. If we want therefore to measure the real effect of the radiation we must wait for five to ten years and look on the depletion of the whole immune system. I am afraid that the net result of this war will be a very sad story for humanity to remember.

What do you think it should be done.

The main thing is for the responsible people, the politicians, to understand and to recognise the problem.

Since the Americans decided by themselves without consulting the United Nations and without informing really their partners on the war that they the Americans should stay there alone to clean up the mess.

If the European governments form a united front on this matter, they will see the power of the public opinion in USA and how quickly they will send Albrigh to a war tribunal for war crimes.

Another immediate action that should be taken is to send these tons of depleted uranium to the moon and not contemplating to depose them in different places of this planet. Otherwise the planet will be extinct if it is totally polluted. The cost of sending it to the moon will be less that the cost of total chaos, suffering and finally extinction of all life in this planet.

Is the use of depleted uranium only dangerous for the affected soldiers or may have a long time influence of the people living in the area?

There is no question that the effects will stay for generations, and the people who are going to live there, in the bombarded areas will be affected on the long run.

The whole issue, of who is going to be affected and who will not, will depend on the strength of the immune system of each individual.

The organism may eventually develop mechanisms of defending against this type of pollution but something like that will happen within a few generations.

Can the pollution go in the food chain and in the water and reach the international market and the super-markets of Germany ?

Absolutetly. There is nobody who should feel safe in Europe after what happened in Kosovo . The animals that are feed with polluted vegetation, the vegetables and the water that have been affected could go to the food chain and industry that does not care about hygieny and protection and such affected food can be sold in Germany, in Norway or Sweden. Today the origin of a product can so easily masked so nobody can find out where it came from.

The problem is that in this moment we do not have enough sensitive devices to test the food for such dangers. It is only when we see the cancers increasing the chronic conditions exploding that we turn back to find out what really happened.

Was the Kosovo war worth the price we seem to pay now.

In the Kosovo war Europe gained nothing. Only the US-Americans managed to increase their influence upon this area (especially in Albania) at the cost of the local people whom they pretended that they wanted to protect . Now Europe and their soldiers will have to bear all the deaths and individual tragedies in cleaning up the mess that Albright and her military advisors created in the area.

What happened in Kosovo, if it does not find its lyssis through catharsis, as in the ancient Greek tragedies, will remain as a stigma of the 20th century for the indifference and callouses of human beings towards their fellow humans. And a prediction: If such measures as I mentioned are not taken immediately, then we are going to see soon the repetition of the scenarios envolving Greece as well this time.

Comment by Matthias Reichl:

I agree with most of Vithoulkas' critics - except his proposal to send the nuclear waste to the moon. It is - not only technically - too dangerous to try it and could cause - in case of an accident - a much more larger contamination of our planet.

(Published on the internet by Matthias Reichl 29.01.2002)

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